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Wednesday Update

Back to School

Catholic Schools logoIn just a few days, students will be returning to our Catholic schools for the 2018-19 year.

Arriving in Tucson and finding a thriving school system is wonderful; I give great credit to the principals, school pastors, teachers and our diocesan school leaders for their dedicated work to make our schools as good as possible.

These days, it can be difficult to provide solid academics.  Imagine adding Catholic social teaching and providing strong Catholic identity to a curriculum.  It is a balancing act that I think our schools have mastered, and I believe our parents and family members are proud of their children and also glad to have their Catholic values further instilled in their children each school day.

We certainly need those values.  Especially today, it is easy to see how the ideas of love and service to one another are so needed in our communities and in our world. Teaching these values, and many others, such as forgiveness, compassion, mercy and devotion to God is a responsibility that all of us, not just our school professionals,need to work on everyday to help our next generation grow up secure in the faith and in how they need to behave to live according to God’s way.

Let’s pray for children and for our educators as this new school year begins.  Let us all work to model Christ like love and living to our younger family and community members.  

We all will benefit.

Adult instruction


Try the Catholic Bible Institute of Southern Arizona
Enrollment still possible!

Our first Bible Institute class graduated during the summer.  All of the graduates seemed pleased with the comprehensive Bible study they had completed, and many said they gained a much broader understanding of Sacred Scripture.

The next program now is open for registration. The Catholic Bible Institute of Southern Arizona (CBISA) is a three-year programthat involves comprehensive study focusing on sharing, praying with scripture, and application of skills in Bible-study leadership. 

Participants can enroll to receive certification, or without certification, referred to as enrollment for enrichment. Certification requires “satisfactory completion of all requirements for all six semesters: Year I, Year II and Year III. 

Enrichment requires participation in Year I and, or Year II.

Sessions: One Saturday each month from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at Our Mother of Sorrows Parish, 1800 S. Kolb Rd, Tucson.

Tuition is $300 per year.  For registration and information   Please contact Isabel Madrid at imadrid@diocesetucson.orgor 520 838-2544.

Please remember
Patricia Siudzinski,who passed away Monday in Texas. She was a sister of Msgr. Jeremiah McCarthy, our Moderator of the Curia and Vicar General.  Monsignor also lost a brother earlier this year, so please pray for him and his siblings as they go through this difficult time.

Also, please pray for the recovery of Ramon Nuñez after a recent surgery. He is brother to Sonya Gutierrez and Chris Barrios who both work in our Pastoral Center.


Aug. 15:  Holy Day of Obligation. Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary