Corporate Matters Corporate Matters Corporate Matters


Mandatory - The following areas of activity in the operation of the Parish Corporation and any item listed below as extraordinary administration require the calling of a meeting of the Parish Board of Directors.

1) Transfer, purchase, lease or sale of real property.

2) Contracts exceeding 1 year or a total obligation of $25,000.00 (including rental of personal property).

3) Granting security interests in or liens upon income of the parish.

4) Accepting bequests, stock transactions, proceeding with major construction projects, authorization of person to sign documents on behalf of the corporation.

5) Acts of Extraordinary Administration - The following are specific limits established by the Bishop, as detailed in the Accounting Manual, regarding extraordinary administration, which includes the following:

a) Spending in excess of $25,000 on any capital item or project.

b) Undertaking any capital campaign in excess of $25,000.

c) Executing any loan or mortgage documents in excess of $25,000.

d) Sale of parish property worth in excess of $25,000.

* NOTE: Acts of extraordinary administration in excess of $25,000 require the pastor to obtain approval from the Bishop’s office; consultation with his Parish Finance Council and seek its advice regarding the proposed action. These may require additional approval of the Board of Directors unless previously approved by the Board.

6) Other possible subjects for a Special Meeting might include hiring authority for certain key positions in the parish such as Head Accountant or Bookkeeper, if the Board decides to reserve such authority to itself.


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