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Diocese of Tucson


Pima County/CCS agreement enables use of facility

Tentative agreement leads to enhanced temporary housing for asylum seekers

TUCSON — Catholic Community Services (CCS), an affiliated organization of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Tucson, has entered into tentative agreement with Pima Count…

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Statement by Archbishop John Wester

In 2002, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) enacted the Charter for the Protection of Children andYoung People, commonly referred to as the Dallas Charter. The bishops also received authority from the Vatican to make the Charter

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From the Bishop

Troubling allegations require thorough review


The media is reporting alarming allegations of sexual misconduct against minors, inhumane conditions, and improper retaliatory actions on the part of certain Customs and Border Patrol agents at the Yuma, Arizona holding facilities.  These deeply troubling allegations have been made public by Department of Health and Human Services workers.

I wou…

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In the June/July edition of the Catholic Outlook :

The bishop ordains Father Jesus Haros-Mendez to serve Catholics in the Diocese.

  • See stories and photos pages 10-11.

Clergy assignments are announced.

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Students in three Catholic high schools can earn college credit for their classes.

  • See page 14.

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