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Diocese of Tucson

From the Bishop…

Invitation to pray

Msgr. Raul Trevizo, Father Jorge Farias Saucedo, Sister Gladys Echenique, OP, and Sister Jeanne Bartholomeaux,SC, and I recently recorded a recitation of the Luminous Mysteries of the Rosary. The recordings in both English and Spanish now are available at your parish for no cost while supplies last.  If you prefer, the recordings also are available as downloadable MP3 files, …

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Catholic News Service

Cardinal 'Fix It': Almoner's job is to model direct charity

VATICAN CITY (CNS) - (May 14, 2019) - During his visit to a center offering respite and food to refugees on the Greek island of Lesbos, Cardinal Konrad Krajewski followed a sign that said, "Broken? Fix it here."

The sign led to a shack where several refugees were working together to fix a bicycle, and one was trying to construct what looked like a coal stove…

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From the Bishop…

Statement on Abortion-Related Legislation nationwide


The landmark Supreme Court decision of Roe vs. Wade unleashed a tidal wave of abortion in the United States.  In the intervening years the lives of millions of unborn children have been terminated.  When one considers the ramifications of so many lost lives, it is almost impossible to believe that a nation as great as ours has permitted this moral evil for so long.…

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