Catholic Schools Department

Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Tucson provide a safe environment for the development of faith, academic excellence, and service that are integral to the life of every student.

Step into our schools; a myriad of experiences await:

• Religion classes and weekly Mass

• Content-rich curriculum

• Instruction designed to meet the needs of a variety of learners

• Fine arts and wellness programs

• Technology

• Athletic programs

• Parish/School community activities and events

"Students thrive because we care!"

Contact Information
Email                              Telephone520.838.2547                               520.838.2589

Sr. Rosa Maria Ruiz

Sr. Rosa Maria
Ruiz, C.F.M.M.

Superintendent of
Catholic Schools

Sheri Dahl

Sheri Dahl
Assistant Superintendent of Catholic Schools

Lupita Garay

Lupita Garay
Executive Assistant
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